Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Feb 23 2007 Daily News

Iraq 101

Pakistan tests long-range missile

Marines kill civilians, claim killing Iraq insurgents

US Democrats draft Iraq challenge

More UK soldiers for Afghanistan

UK armed forces 'face cash crisis'

World's tiniest RFID tag unveiled

"The minute devices measure just 0.05mm by 0.05mm (0.002x0.002in) and to the naked eye look like spots of powder.

They are thin enough to be embedded in a sheet of paper, Hitachi spokesman Masayuki Takeuchi says. "

"They have one major issue, however - they need an external antenna to work, and the smallest antenna developed so far is about 80 times bigger than the tags."

Record power for military laser

"A laser developed for military use is a few steps away from hitting a power threshold thought necessary to turn it into a battlefield weapon."