Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Feb 25 2007 Daily News

U.S. and S.Korea set 2012 for military command changes

Truck bomb kills 37 near Sunni mosque

NATO issues warning after Kosovo violence

Re-arming Race In Mideast

Britain to Bolster Afghan Force

Biometrics Track the Bad Guys

"Soldiers might register detainees’ biometrics using a portable scanner. That info, combined with a brief history of the suspect, would be fed into a central database back in the States and analyzed by algorithms endlessly searching for connections between suspects. If, during a future operation, the soldiers happen across any of the same suspects as before, the system would alert them. Over time, the system might accumulate enough data on suspects’ movements to begin drawing conclusions about behavior patterns, allowing intelligence agents to predict suspects’ activities and, if necessary, thwart them."

Israeli troops raid Nablus

More deadly attacks in Baghdad