Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuesday March 6 2007 Daily News

Cheney has blood clot in leg, returns to work

US STOCKS-S&P, Nasdaq up 1 pct as market rebounds

An Urban Exodus to the Countryside Is the Latest Real Estate Trend

Note: A move to a new society that is connected by wires, instead of having to be in direct contact all the time? In "The Tipping Point" Malcolm Gladwell mentions that humans can only have deep relationships with about 250 people at a time before they start becoming cold to other people. Perhaps it is possible to get the benefit of quality of life that comes from small town life while keeping work opportunities of bigger cities using the internet for working. But not all work can be outsourced. This could also end up with people becoming less competitive and the U.S. losing out economically, as there will always be foreigners who can do things cheaper.

Israel to Supply Vehicles for Iraq War

U.S., Iraqi Forces Invade Sadr City

Eyes on Iran

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